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Arranging its first IPO, Skype has got into trouble. In the statement prepared by Skype for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission the producer described what it is mostly afraid of. The most important threat to Skype is software platforms such as Apple.

free skype downloadIt is claimed that "for example, Apple can easily take away our software from its Apple Store without warning, thus limiting the usage of Skype in Apple iPads, iPhones and iTouches. So, they can easily make their own programs such as Apple Face Time more competitive". (This article is our own free interpretation of what has happened).

And other online software stores are not exceptions here. This can happen with any online software store including those for Android-based devices. The Skype committee claims that "holders of online software stores have ultimate control over services and products based on their software. If they think that Skype threatens their business or prevents them from promoting their own similar product, they will remove Skype from their store or significantly limit its options".

Plus, mobile phone companies threaten Skype. They can limit Skype options within their networks anytime. The company goes on complaining that Skype's business strategy, however, "relies on the possibility to go on advertising its usage with mobile devices. In Europe such actions have already affected our business".

And finally Skype is afraid of its own weakness. It was firstly designed for individuals while business clients are intended to be company's essential source of money. "We might lose a chance to create services capable to provide the business class with what it needs because its purposes are not similar to those of individual users who we are used to work with. We have already done our best to make our business class services more diverse, but this might not be enough. And it still remains unclear if we will manage to pay off the expenses spent on creating the services".

And this, it turn, will make us unable to compete with companies dealing with the business class services because we won't be able to crack on the "loyalty of business clients to software contributors" and "old-fashioned views of IT-specialists who are unwilling to choose less diverse Skype services".

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